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Better understanding and faster cures of disease...…
requires medical research combining clinical, cellular and molecular data of patients. Human tissue samples provide comprehensive cellular and molecular data as well. Therefore, human biospecimen annotated with clinical data is a resource of utmost importance for progress in medicine. Human tissue samples are acquired and stored in hospitals. To access them for research, one needs to
…harmonize standards and overcome fragmentation of repositories

About CRIP

CRIP is a central infrastructure for biomedical research.



CRIP Tools support the entire data export chain from clinical records to biobank-based project requests.


Ethics Policy

CRIP is in full compliance with generally accepted ethical and legal standards.



CRIP provides anonymized data on and from human biospecimens available for research projects in its database partners’ institutes.



CRIP is constituted by its partners:



The CRIP database is open only to users affiliated to research institutions and companies and registered at CRIP.


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